Legacy? Shocker! Van den Acker Files Set for Disclosure. Launch party Announced.

Forget The Da Vinci Code (or other ultra-conservative pseudo-revelatory art history…) Here comes the Van Eyck Code! Wednesday October 21st, 2020, darkvaneyck.com launched to the public at a special live event at De Bijloke Art Centre in Ghent, Belgium.

At least two long-standing enigmas surrounding Jan Van Eyck were set to be revealed: the Leal Souvenir code and the Jan De Leeuw rebus (of famed ‘points and crosses’)—the latter duly recognized yet chronically neglected by scholars.

For those not into riddles and codes, exciting speakers addressed a previously unknown side to the great painter Jan van Eyck and a crucial key to his artistic work.

At the time of writing, reception and impact were still unclear; CoViD-19 restrictions kept the party civilized, however, a rise in audience blood pressure was noticeable even at doors (ca. 8PM). More to follow.

Two of our reconstructions of the Van den Acker lectures are available for consultation at this time (open access!) and more will be added forthwith. Head over to the Work / Research page for a shocker.

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